Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

Division 240, Sarnia

Special Contract Meeting

Hall: CEPU Hall             Date: March 18, 2002      Number present:  15

L/Chairman: Paul Vickers                                    Secy/Treasurer: Ernie Aitchison

General Chairman - Richard Dyon       Vices Paul Vickers and Randy Caldwell

This was a Special meeting called to give the membership an opportunity to hear and ask
questions about the tentative agreement first hand with General Chairman Richard Dyon.
Also in attendance was Randy Caldwell 2nd Vice to the General Chairmen

After the introductions General Chairman Richard Dyon began explaining the
memorandum of settlement.  Richard informed the members that only ballots returned
would be counted..
The retroactive pay will be calculated back to Jan. 01, 2001.  Train Length bonus
increases are retroactive to Oct. 01, 2001.
Grievance procedure has been stream lined in so much as the requirement to meet in Joint
Conference has been eliminated.  Procedure now allows for disputes be sent to arbitration
after step 3 which will clear disputes in a much speeder fashion.

This agreement has an appendix to deal with repetitive violations of the collective
agreements.  Only articles that do not have existing penalties in the collective agreement
can use this process.  Richard informed the members that this appendix sets precedence as
no other labour union has such an agreement in writing.
Our General Chairman, Vices, Paul Vickers and Randy Caldwell stressed that this
appendix is a very important and a needed tool to address violations of the collective
This agreement also has a letter of understanding protecting our method of establishing
road assignments for the term of the contract.

The Spareboard will have an article that will allow a spareboard employee the right to
book 48 hours rest twice per mileage month.  He may do this at the completion of 1900
miles or at the completion of his 3800 miles regardless of when he is due to start a new
mileage month.  As an example if a man checks on the 15th and reaches his 3800 miles on
the 14th he may at his option take the 48hours rest.  The rules that govern incumbencies
and guarantee and their conditions remain in affect.

The LTD plan was explained to the members.  Your benefits would remain in force and
premiums paid, for those on sick benefits.  Those on LTD at age 55 would be put directly
on pension.  The company cannot hold you past age 55.

There were no further questions and Richard Dyon thanked for those who took the time to
attend and urged all members to sent their ballot in.

Members Present
Paul Vickers, Bill Baarschers, Tom Causley, Bob Beaudion, Eric Battle, Keith Murray,
Phil Somers, Ron Powell, Garth Mallot, Ernie Aitchison, Bedford Taylor, Dave Ferguson,
Bruce Ramsey, Jerry Deck, Ron Boire

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