Members Division 240
February 1, 2002

Rail Operations Inspector Andre Lalonde has asked to have members inform Transport
Canada of any hours of service violations where the company is ordering you to work
beyond your 12th or 18th hour.  He, as an Inspector, did not want people refusing to work
if ordered to, but report any of these incidents to Transport Canada at TEL (416)
973-5540 FAX (416) 973-9907 or E-mail  Also write
incidents up to your Local Legislative Rep. so the BLE can follow up with Transport Canada.
Inspector Brian Abbott advised me to tell the members that when you are ordered to block
Railway Crossings to make lifts or set off in excess of 5 minutes, to get the name of the Company
Officer that is ordering you to do this.  The fine now for blocking a railway crossing at
grade is $500.00.  His advice was to make notes on the back of your TGBO of what took place, name or
names of Officers ordering you to block crossings.  Transport Canada is very aware of
CNís policy of ordering crews to block crossings as they hear it on there scanners.
At no time did he want people refusing to do as they were told.  If you are charged the
write up you make can be used in your defense.

David  McEwen