Sarnia Ontario Canada - Division 240
Safety Committee Minutes

April 10/02

Canadian National Railway
P.O. Box 98
Sarnia, Ontario
N7T 7H8
Phone: 519 339 1227
Fax:     519 339 1285

                                  8:30 AT THE TOWER FOR AUDITS
                                  10:00 AT THE HALL

RULE OF THE MONTH: GOI 8 (12.1) Job Briefing - Purpose - to ensure crew
members communicate critical information pertaining to safe train operations prior to and throughout their tour of duty.
note: please take the time to familiarize yourself with the steps to Job Briefing as outlined in this section

SUBMITTED:    (2002)            27
DISPOSITION:           COMPLETED              16          PENDING   11

SAFETY SLOGAN: Submitted: Randy Paterson  (CN Police)


Co-chairperson Debbie Lasenby called the meeting to order at 10:30

JOB BRIEFING: given by Mike Howie


Andy Weir                           UTU Road
Pat Mott                              UTU Legislative
Steve Moore                        S&C Tech
Ray Ritchie                           CAW Mech.
Debbie Lasenby                    BMWE
Mike Howie                         CAW/TRS
Kevin Mau                           Operations
Mike Ingles                          Mechanical
Dave McEwen                     BLE
Steve Hicken                       Engineering
Larry Karn Operations
Tony Marquis Operations

 Questions were raised about the whereabouts of the itemized deficiencies raised by Labor Canada.  The Company provided a current copy of any points raised by Labor Canada, plus the status of those points (see attached).  The list had not been provided to the Committee before because of an administrative oversight.


02/10/01                             File No: 69084                         Submitted: B. Browning

Subject: Locker room downstairs is extremely dirty, top of lockers, floors walls etc. No place to get changed, no door, insufficient showers.

Responsibility: Tony Marquis

Corrective Action: Lockers have been cleaned. On January 11/02, Committee members did a walk through to come up with a plan for renovations to the locker room. Awaiting plans for renovations Dean Scarrow will draw up a proposal for the next meeting.

Disposition: Pending.  Dean was absent from this meeting, so his response is expected at May’s meeting.

01/18/02                             File No: 68568                         Submitted: G.M. Butt

Description: Wind sock required West end of receiving yard, pole West end of A8 perfect place. Cannot see windsock at Plank from receiving yard.

Acknowledgment: Received, forwarded to Safety Committee

Corrective Action: This suggestion will be implemented. As well the sock on the roof of the A building will be repaired and relocated to the light tower south of the EB lead so it will be visible from the A Building.

Disposition: Complete.  EMAIL TO ATTACH………………….

25/02/02                             File No: 44293                         Submitted: G.M. Butt

Description: American engines seem to feel headlights are not required on main track. MacGregor and Port Huron.

Acknowledgment: A train number or even engine number would have helped. I will pass the reminder that it is a requirement to leave head light on to the train master in Port Huron.

Corrective Action:

Disposition: Complete.  Larry Karn will deal with the Midwest to remind them of CROR requirements, with which US crews must adhere while operating in Canada.  The issue is showing complete before Larry has actually dealt with the issue because this issue is not thought to pose any health or safety risk to anyone.  Instead, it is an operational issue with which Larry will address in another forum.

11/02/02                             File No: 68536                         Submitted: R. Beaudoin

Description: 5353 extremely noisy unit even with ear plugs in very hard to hear dispatcher when unit is in 8 position, vibration noises also bad. Unit should not be used as a lead unit. Extremely hard to communicate.

Acknowledgment: Diesel Doc – Called Gordon at 14:30 Feb. 14/02 and explained condition. Gordon will have unit inspected and follow up with myself when complete. Was not reported to Diesel Doc prior to my call on Feb. 14/02.
Larry Karn.

Responsibility:  Larry Karn

Disposition: Pending.  Larry Karn had the engine inspected at Symington, and no defects were found.  However, because it could not be confirmed whether or not the noise levels were actually changed, Larry will make a follow up call for May’s meeting.
13/02/02                             File No: 68534                         Submitted: Greg Paterson

Description: A20 lead at west end to A15 switch from A20 switch. Large slag creating tripping hazard while switching on this lead.


Responsibility: Mike Howie

Disposition: Pending.  Will be addressed now in spring

28/02/02                              File No: 44294                        Submitted: Paul Griffith

Description: A23 target W/E should have info on target re: track length and handbrake requirements just like the old A22.


Responsibility:  Mike Howie

Disposition: Complete.  Footages have already been added.  As for the track lengths, please refer to your time card.  Placing such information on the targets requires too much space.
13/02/02                             File No: 68535                         Submitted: G.M. Butt

Description: Foot rest on all console type control stands – 5400, 2400 series engines, do not allow proper leg room to comfortably sit and operate engine.

Acknowledgement: sent to Larry Rezka

Corrective Action:


31/03/02                             File No: 44400                         Submitted: G.M. Butt

Description: Trains McGregor, blocking crossing – phone required at crossing to call tower about time until train pulls – why can’t trains pull up farther or double into yard if a long delay.

Acknowledgement: McGregor blocked

Corrective Action:

Disposition: Complete………. Where train length permits trains pull up. If MacGregor is blocked use Modeland entrance. Modeland is main yard entrance.

24/03/02                             File No: 44307                         Submitted: Sean Lukon

Description: New windsock required for C Yard on the roundhouse


Corrective Action: New windsock installed April 03/02

Disposition: Complete

19/03/02                             File No: 44303                         Submitted: Eric Battle

Description: Concerned about the number of dead trees on or near the right of way between Sarnia and Toronto.

Acknowledgement: Forwarded to Steve Hicken

Corrective Action: We will require exact and specific locations of his concerns in order to address or review.
Ie. Sub., mileage, side of track, etc.

Disposition.  Pending…….. Please be more specific.

30/03/02                             File No: 70901                         Submitted: P.K. Smith

Description: is there any chance that BP could install some reflectors on the new gate (west rack) similar to what was there before, hard time seeing if gate open or closed at night (they had swt. reflectors before.


Corrective Action:

Disposition: Pending

26/02/02                             File No: 68539                         Submitted: N. Hanson

Description: Train 396 stop to inspect dangerous commodity, leaker, at Copetown West. Dangerous cars were Scuba cars. Refused to go back without proper apparel. Sat for 1 hr. then told to leave. No apparent inspection.

Acknowledgement: Currently investigating incident and current protocol. Ca was found not to be leaking, inspection did take place. Please note form submitted at meeting March 14/02.

Corrective Action: E-mail
Bob Leonard
To:     Art Vesterfelt/VESTERFE/CNR/CA@CNR
 cc:, Larry  Karn/KARN/CNR/CA@CNR, Kelly Stewart/STEWAR03/CNR/CA@CNR
 Subject:     Safety Hazard Notice // 68539
I was asked to do some research concerning a safety and health notice that was submitted by a trainperson at Sarnia.
Notice number is 68539: It concerns being stopped to inspect a leaker on his train and him refusing to go back and inspect his train for a leaker without proper (quote - apparel). He states that he sat for 1 hour and then without proper (quote - apparel). He states that he sat for 1 hour and then was given a green light and told to leave. Conductor : Hanson Following information as I know so far:
1)  that he was stopped at Copetown West on train M396-61-25 at about 10:30 in the morning.
2) CN - RRT had called the car in to the dispatching office as a suspect leaker account a smell propane
3) the information that was relayed to the crew was that the car was about 86 cars back.
4) the conductor wouldn't go back to inspect the cars without the proper PPE as outlined in the UN manual
5) there was a trainmaster on the train
6) after about an hour the train was given a light and told to leave.
7) there was no special dangerous on his train (propane). there was 7 dangerous loads on his train from lines 83 to 87
I was told that the SCO was contacted and based on the information provided by the CN employee who called in the leaker and the contents that were on the train that the decision was made to allow the train to proceed. I understand that from your follow up that there was no leaker on the train.
Can you elaborate on how the conclusion was made  to allow the train to proceed and what are the normal protocols.
Art Vesterfelt
To:     Bob Leonard/LEONAR03/CNR/CA
03/15/02 10:12       cc:     Art Vesterfelt/VESTERFE/CNR/CA@CNR
Subject:     Re: Safety Hazard Notice
The decision to move the train was developed from the discussion with the  MDO , S.C.O. and Road repair truck  who reported the smell of propane.  The initial report was vague indicating a possible smell of propane. This would warrant an immediate stoppage of train movement  and a more in depth  study  of what possibly they could be smelling. On discussions and  reviewing the documentation for this train it was found to have no propane. The rest of the cars on the train were looked at for commodity and found to have 7 loads of dangerous goods.  Then going through these 7 products it was deemed safe to allow the  train to proceed to Mac. Yd  At MacMillan Yard it received a CCI inspection and no leaks were found.
The normal protocols were followed by stopping the train immediately and reviewing the journal and  commodities with the dispatching office and then our decisions on how to proceed were made  by this information.
Art Vesterfelt,
Mechanical Eastern Division

Disposition: Pending

19/03/02                             File No: 44304                         Submitted: Andy Butt

Description: Slave unit 234, need decking replaced on “A” end of unit because of decking rusted out.

Acknowledgement: Forwarded to M. Ingles whom looked at it. VMS left on heavy mechanic T. Pritchard’s ;hone to look at and patch Mar. 20/02. M. Ingles okayed further usage with no tripping hazard.

Corrective Action:

Disposition: Pending……. Unit to look at when it goes to Mac Yard.

15/03/02                             File No: 68598                         Submitted: B. White

Description: After finding out about a butane car leading A7 rip. I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t get a hold of the trainmaster or Brankley or Marquis or anybody. It was over an hour of sitting and wondering what to do! I have since been given a Sarnia Terminal Emergency Binder. I have not had a chance to read it yet. Keep your fingers crossed is not a good plan. Anyone concerned about this incident should contact me for more info.

Acknowledgement: Please note transportation supervisor pager 490-2017, Mr. Brankley pager 333-1164.   (pager number given in voice mail you called? No message left. T. Marquis pager 416-339-8212. All can be used in emergency. Step was missing from office acct. temporary relocation for renovations. Additional copy now made and placed in office. Instructions re-issued for yrd. And relief yrd. to review S.T.E.P. manual and be familiar with contents. Evacuation coaching and drills planned for yrd. meeting April and will also be rolled out for spare yrd. meeting now planned for April.

Corrective Action: Immediate corrective action taken; further training planned for Mar. 25th and in April.

Disposition: Complete

13/02/02                             File No: 68529                         Submitted: Brian Olmsted

Description: About 10-12 cars in from east of A47 has a bad dip on south track

Acknowledgement: Dip in track A047

Corrective Action: Track inspected and speed reduced to 10 mph because of various locations that require TLC. To be addressed when weather permits.

Disposition: Pending………. Track inspection and speed restriction in effect till further notice.

20/03/02                             File No: 44305                         Submitted: Murray McCabe

Description: Leaking ISO butane out of valve on block end L-3 at Amoco. March 19/02 same valve was purge to be able to change that day and was not done.

Acknowledgement: Called control room “Trevor” line was plugged and ok to spot cars now. Nadine will be advised of this situation in the morning for follow up with their employees and maintenance staff.

Corrective Action: Line plugged. Nadine advised of situation.

Disposition: Complete……Amoco contacted.


Accident Date: 29/03/02 File No: 20023025209
Particulars of Accident: When opening the angle cock on eng. 5677 with left arm conductor felt sharp pain in left forearm.

Remedial Actions: Employee transported to hospital. Car department inspected and found stiff, red tagged, 538d filled out. Diesel Dr. advised. Relief conductor advised to use caution.

Committee Response: Re-enactment to take place to determine further preventative measures.


Accident date: 26/03/02 File No: 20024013503

Particulars of Accident: T. Pritchard was inspecting unit CN 7260 on shop track at C yard with no hand brake applied. He ad finished the lower inspection and while doing the upper he found an air leak. While getting parts and tools out of truck, engine rolled away westward. Tim caught up to engine but before he could tie on handbrake engine derailed over the derail in track C38.

Committee Response: Handbrake can not be applied while doing brake repairs on the handbrake end of a locomotive, (L-3 and R-4 wheels) Wheel chocks must be used to secure locomotive.


Item: Concerns regarding an unintentional belt pack OCU warning device for controls

Responsibility: Dean Scarrow – Kelly Stewart

Disposition: Pending……All requests for a warning device/alarm to prevent unintentional LCS boxes have improved features but the H&S Committee still agree there is some risk still present.  Some test knobs are to be made by Trel Machine Shop to be tried on a test box. Box was taken to Trel.  Dean Scarrow is to contact Canac, with concerns and suggestions.


I am sure as to your involvement with Canac at this point. Once again I am writing on behalf of the Sarnia Health and Safety Committee in concerns with the unintentional movement of the O.C.U’s brake over ride and speed selector. There are a number of incidents where an employee was working around or entraining/detraining equipment and had bumped the above mentioned devices causing unintentional movement or unintentional stopping of equipment.
Mike this has become a big concern to the committee as there has been injuries in the past due to the above mentioned. As a committee we have taken the task of replacing the control knob with a perhaps a more suitable one. The new knob will be perfectly round with indents so it can be easily griped  (much like the dimmer switch on control stand of locomotive). These new knobs will be put on dummy O.C.U., and tested to see if the problem still exists.

Mike, the Sarnia Health and Safety Committee would appreciate any input or suggestions that would assist with the concern at hand. It would be appreciated if you could please respond as soon as possible.

                                                                                                                                     R.D. Scarrow
                                                                                                                                     H&S Committee


Item: A new Sarnia Terminal Manual is to be put together

Responsibility: Steve Hicken, Gino Ouellette, Ray Ritchie, and Andy Weir are to complete the manual.

Disposition: Complete…. The final draft was presented to the Committee and reviewed. Some minor changes still have to be made, but the manual is going to the printers, and will be ready for the May meeting.

Item: Further discussion about the Nova incident and hazard forms 69023 and 68509. Kathey Smolynec sent contract to Pheonix Environmental Services. Proposal to be discussed at next meeting, October 10th.

In reference to Hazard Forms 69023 and 68509, the incident that happened at Nova, Mr. Ugis Bickis, who is an Environmental Hygienist and Toxicologist for Phoenix OHC Inc., was interviewed by the Committee. He was there to  find out, from the Committee, exactly what the Committee wanted his company to do. Among other things, this main question was posed and clarified to Mr. Bickis, who will now prepare a quote for Kathey Smoylnec.
The work performed by Mr. Bickis’s company will be based on this question:

Does exposure to chemicals at customer sites and, BP Canada, in the Sarnia region, pose a health risk to CN employees?

Responsibility: Kelly Stewart

Disposition: Pending….. Ugis Bickis was in Sarnia recently, and rode with the Terra and 1600 Industrial.  Thus, he got a chance to see Terra, the C&O transfer, and Petrosar.  The purpose of his tour was perform a visual inspection so as to get an understanding what must be done to conduct a proper study, for which he will be returning to perform.


Item: Concern about the excessive heat on the locomotives when stopped. Also with the availability of bottled water for the crews on road locomotives. All terminals, except for Mac, yard, are now supplying bottle water.
Responsibility: Kelly Stewart

Disposition: Pending……The information received, is that the water supplied, meets all requirement standard.  The committee will check into how and where the water is being stored.  Kelly Stewart is to have the water form Mac Yard tested, and to contact the S&H committee from Mac Yard.  The water is being tested….waiting for results.  In the meantime, a new supplier is packaging Mac’s water.  Kelly will need to find out what the process is for this water’s handling (e.g. shipment and storage), and report back to the Committee.


Item: There is a leak on the main floor and the basement outside the boiler room door at the tower.

Responsibility: Tony Marquis and Rob Spiteri, Facility Maintenance, are to get a price to water proof the tower. A quote has been received and the work to commence in 2002.

Disposition: Pending…..going over to capitol expense


Item: Concern whether the new employees in Sarnia Terminal have seen the Emergency Evacuation Video and have  received the evacuation cards.

Responsibility: Kevin Mau. Will also check on procedures to bring people on the property.

Disposition: Pending…….New employees will be given job aids and shown the video and also a tour of their assignments. Employees are being shown the video. 48 employees had to be brought up to date, there are only 5 left to do.

Item: To change the signal at Clifton to display a less restrictive signal when drawbridge is up at the canal. The signal displayed is medium to stop. Even when block between signal 6.2 and home signal at 8.7 is not occupied.

Responsibility: Tony Marquis has spoken to the signal supervisor and the RTC Supervisor. All agree that this should be done, and will be done.

Disposition: Pending…….. this issue has been deemed a low priority, no time table as yet.

Item: Is there any new information or update as to whether the company will compensate employees who join a fitness club.

Responsibility: Tony Marquis

Disposition: Pending


Item: Where would the best place be to install run through or solar power switches. The committee suggested that we forget solar power switches and with the money saved, upgrade some problem switches with more ergonomically designed handles.

Responsibility: Steve Hicken

Disposition: Pending…..While the switches have obviously not been changed anywhere yet, the Committee discussed this matter, as requested to do. The Committee felt that instead of installing any solar switches, the money would be better used replacing the handles on existing run through switches. Should tall switches be replaced, the Committee recommends run through’s are place on the West end from A020 to A005. A last recommendation is to move East end A024 switch between the tracks, so that it is lined with the other switches on the lead.
12 new semi – automatic switches with ergonomic handles will be ordered.
2 new test switches have been ordered from National Track Work.

Item: Approach signs for Strathroy, Wyoming, Wanstead, Kirwood and Mandaumin, are they proper location.

Responsibility: Steve Hicken

Disposition: Pending……. Will be done in the spring.


Item: At Tappan, the RCBS signs should be removed and replace with track warrant begins and ends signs.

Responsibility: Rick Dixon

Disposition: Pending


Item: Backway roadway in “C” yard should be leveled and raised. Roadway is to low.

Responsibility: Steve Hicken

Disposition: Pending…….Due to winter frost, Steve has been unable to deal with the problem, but as soon as the weather permits, he do whatever needs to be done.


Item: Is it possible to train employees who are working switching in the plants. Look in to see if the employee have to be trained in WHIMS before receiving the other training.

Responsibility: Kelly Stewart

Disposition: Complete…Training has commenced, and has either been already given, or will be provided for all individuals with an interest in the plants.


Item: Track #1 in Pt. Huron, drop off steps on train to the ground is to far to safely get off train and retrieve bag.

Responsibility: Steve Hicken……Will contact section supervisor in the U.S.

Disposition: Pending………Steve has contacted U.S. counterpart and is trying to arrange a meeting.


Item: There is a concern that the trains coming from the U.S. are not marshaled properly.

Responsibility: Dean Scarrow

Disposition: Complete……The Company will continue to pursue any trains not marshaled correctly with the Americans immediately.  Tony Marquis has been involved with the issue with General Manager D. Ferryman, and feels the Americans have been diligent dealing with any of our concerns.

Item: Concern about employees slipping on blue flags when not in use.

Responsibility: Bob Leonard

Disposition: Pending…….Mechanical will try an adhesive in the spring.

Item: Concern about the quality of air coming out of heaters in motel rooms in Toronto. An employee was ill after sleeping in the motel on two separate occasions.

Responsibility: Andy Weir

Disposition: Complete…..While Ernie had collected old minutes from Niagra Fall’s H&S Committee indicating they too have complaints with the Quality Hotel, because CN’s contract runs to the end of 2002, change is not likely to come before the contract expires.  A representative from Sarnia will be involved on the selection committee, which will be soon gathered and charged with finding the best hotel for crews to stay at once the current contract with Quality expires.


Date: Saturday, 12 January
To: Karen.Poitras
From: Andy.Weir@CNR
Subject: Quality Hotel in Etobicoke


The Sarnia Health and Safety Committee was wondering when the contract is due to expire at the Quality Hotel & Suites on Islington Ave.
We are still receiving complaints regarding this hotel. The latest being that the air quality in the guest rooms is causing employees to feel ill. I believe most of the employees do not eat at the Hotel Restaurant still, for fear of food poisoning. I also believe that the lack of restaurant availability is still an ongoing complaint.


Andy Weir
Sarnia Health and Safety Committee
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 4:20 PM
Cc:;; ;;;
Subject: Re: Quality Hotel in Etobicoke

The current contract with the Quality Hotel and Suites is still in effect for the year 2002. We are presently looking at all our options for the Toronto area.


Item: Report of reenactment , after an accident, should be reported to the Safety Committee.  An example of how to do a reenactment is available in a booklet called “Investigation and Reporting of Hazardous Occurrences.

Responsibility: Kevin Mau

Disposition: Complete……Forms that offer guidelines for reenactments are found the “Commitment to Safety” booklets.  Individuals requiring such are to refer to it.


Item: There are no pull-by defect information being sent to the sarsty mail box

Responsibility: Kevin Mau

Disposition: Complete.  Any technical problems that may have existed have been fixed.

Item: A situation occurred, where a crew went into Styrene while an alarm was going. The crew backed out and received information from the tower that it was a false alarm. The crew then reentered the plant, and while in there a second alarm sounded. They were then told, by a security guard, that they were having trouble, because of the cold weather, with the alarm.
This was discussed during the meeting and the Committee suggests that in the event of an alarm going off, to follow set procedures.

Disposition: Complete.  The STUBBS currently being held has already, or will clarify concerns for all concerned employees.

Item: Concern, because of the high wind, that cars at the rip track are moving. A suggestion that the dangerous goods cars have brakes applied and all others be scotched.

Disposition: Complete.  Mechanical has developed a change in procedure that sees scotch sticks are readily available in barrels located throughout the yard.  As well, an employee at 0700 each morning will ensure cars are secured properly before day is begun.


Item: Concern about the performance of boot spikes while performing duties at work.

Responsibility: Dean, Andy and Deb, will be blitzing employees.

Disposition: Complete.  With the change of seasons, this concern is moot, at least for the foreseeable future.


Item: The main entrance to the yard needs grating

Responsibility: Tony Marquis

Disposition: Complete…….Roadway is to be paved.


Item: Concern on drip trays are required on track A80.

Responsibility: Bob Leonard

Disposition: Complete….In the absence of any dissension, it was decided to agree drip trays are not required.

Item: A recommendation by the Committee that all new employees, to the Sarnia terminal, be given a one day tour of the plants.

Responsibility: Mike Brankley

Disposition: Complete.  Until a specific procedure is developed, the collective agreement will be followed.


Item: Where, if any, is the money from the vending machine at the yard office going? If possible can the selections be changed.

Responsibility: Kelly Stewart

Disposition: Complete.  There are no profits being earned by the Company to be dispersed by the Committee.



Item: Emails apparently are being eliminated from the SARSTY box.  It is desired that the box will lack the ability to have anything deleted.

Responsibility: Kelly Stewart

Disposition: Pending.


Item: The location of future meetings was discussed.  There was some interest in moving the meetings to the boardroom located second floor, Sarnia Tower.  However, it was decided that was inappropriate at this time, and meetings would continue to be held at the union hall for the foreseeable future.

Disposition: Complete.


Item:  It was brought to the Committee’s attention it had been difficult to get hold of a transportation supervisor.  It was decided this was a somewhat unusual event.  While it is true an individual calling on the telephone may be unable to get a hold of one immediately, paging them or leaving a message will generally ensure a response in a reasonable amount of time.  If a more immediate response is required, individuals should try calling the Tower yard coordinator; they generally know the trans. sup.’s whereabouts, or can raise him or her on the radio.

Disposition: Complete.


Item:  The washing machine has still not been hooked up in basement of the Tower.


Disposition: Pending.  This will be done when the Committee decides how the basement is to be redesigned.  There is little point to installing the washer in one location only to reinstall it somewhere else a month or two later.


Item:  Individual working for Anderson Fuels has a CN radio, and seems to fuel engines wherever and however how sees fit.

Responsibility:  Tony Marquis

Disposition: Pending.  The legitimacy of this individual to use a CN radio will be examined, as will his fueling procedures.


Item: Questions as to the presence of asbestos on the second floor were raised.

Responsibility:  Tony Marquis

Disposition: Pending.  While it is believed there may be asbestos located on the second floor, it is thought so long as it isn’t disturbed through renovations, it is harmless.  This thought, though, will be confirmed or refuted, and action will be based accordingly.


FRA Injuries & Accidents
(Jan 01- April 02)
Southwestern Ontario Zone -  YTD Stats

        2001                        2002
Injuries  Ratio        Injuries  Ratio           Target
    12      8.76                5      3.13                    5.9
What is an FRA Injury and how is it measured?
An FRA Injury is an injury that prevents an employee from performing their regular work ( lost time, modified duties)
employees that are medical attention only count as minor injuries (each 7.5 minor injuries = 1 FRA lost time)         #FRA Injuries (divided by) 200 000 employee hours
         2001                        2002
Accidents  Ratio      Accidents  Ratio            Target
             0    0                  2          2.34                   0.6
What is an FRA accident and how is it measured?
An FRA accident is an accident which exceeded $10,500 in damage (does not include labor, machinery etc..)  #FRA Accidents (divided by) 100 000 train  miles
FRA stands for Federal Regulation of American Railways.  These measurements are used for all class 1 Railways in North America for exact comparisons.

AUDIT TEAM REPORTS  (all results from the audits can be viewed. Contact Mike Howie)

For the next meeting:

Team #1 –  Steve Moore, Gino Ouellette and Rick Dixon will audit Komoka

Team #2 – Debbie Lasenby, Dave McEwen, Larry Karn will audit the Elevators

Team #3 – Dean Scarrow, Mike Howie, will audit the Tunnel

Team #4 – Ray Ritchie, Steve Hicken, and Andy Weir will audit a tie gang, expected to work around School Road.


Robert Borland     S&C Maintainer Strathroy

Bob Borland  For championing a method of setting up island circuits at crossings to improve crossing reliability.

Meeting was adjourned: 16:30

Kevin Mau                                                                  Debbie Lasenby
Co-Chairperson                                                          Co-Chairperson