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Due to recent technical problems, part of this site is on Geocities, and the other part is on Xcelco (my local server), so please excuse any of the problems that this may cause. If you have found any problems with this recent change, please report them to me as soon as possible. Thanks for bearing with me.

I'm one of the biggest Bosstones fans around, and I'd like to share with you some pictures, sounds, and even some videos of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Most people probably think that the Bosstones are a relatively new band, but actually, they've been around for about 10 years. Their new album Lets Face It is probably one of the reasons that people finally pay them any attention.


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Once this homepage gets going, I'll continue to add to it. It is always going to be under construction, so just bear with me. I currently have a preview to their new video for Wrong Thing Right Then in my videos section. If you have the Bosstones font of "Socket" on your computer, the page can look more like a Bosstones album. Just go to my downloads section and get it. And, be sure to sign my guestbook on your way out; any comments are appreciated.

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