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Forest has been through a lot of good years. Many memories have been made and friends have been met. Throughout the years we have seen the first World War, The Depression, The Second World War, The Landing of the first man on the moon and the Fall of Communism. Forest has been through it all and is proudly still the same warm hearted community.

The Grand Trunk Railway The Grand Trunk railway came through the Forest area when Forest was starting to grow. It was a popular train route all the way from Toronto to Sarnia. In 1875, Forest was the centre that handled the most grain than any other station on the route.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Town Read stories of when Forest became a town in 1888. Horses, carriages, pedestrians walked, worked and talked entering the local saloon, local post office. Upon hearing the whistle of approaching train down the old Grand Trunk Railroad to pick up grain.

The First Mayor and Town Council Did you know? There were nine councillors for only the first few years, the number being reduced to six, as it is now.

Land Marks of Forest Beautiful landmarks in the heart of the center. We have many buildings dating all the way back to the late 19th Century. Our most famous one is the newly restored local library a replica of the Forest Train Station

Churches of Forest The architecture of the local churches is beautiful. Forest has many churches to view and browse. They also have local services which visitors are welcome to attend.

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