When visiting our beautiful town, feel free to view the landmarks of Forest. Some Landmarks still original from the year that the Town of Forest offically became a town in 1888.

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Information of the Landmark
The well established Victorian, one of our proudest landmarks
The front view of our local Library, built to detail of the original Forest Train Station for Forest.
In April of 1910, Mr. Andrew Carnegie, an American born industrialist, gave a grant of $3,000 toward public education and the building of the first Forest Library. In 1985, the library moved from the Carnegie Hall to the remake of the Forest Train Station. The Hall now supports local businesses.
The Town Hall of Forest is a symbol of democracy in our local area. Our Mayor and within the council chambers discuss local by-laws and concerns for our area.
The Garden of the Forest Library, maintained by the local Forest Garden Club.
The Local Kiwanis Theatre. Visit the theatre to view the newly released movie hits! For more information and the upcoming movies Click here
The Forest Museum, an excellent place to visit and browse through the last century of Forest. By appointment only.
The Crosbie Building, an historic landmark on the corner of King and Main Street. Built around the turn of the Century

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