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Bluewater Bridge

The Northern Gateway to the NAFTA Super Highway

A view of Industrial Park from the southwest towards the northeast

The Town of Forest has many acres of land for industrial growth for present and future factories moving into the Forest area. The Citizens are proud of our industrial park as it grows the local economy of Forest and the rest of Ontario.

The United States Federal Government is currently undertaking a study to designate a "Super Highway" for transportation of goods from the Mexican border through the mid-continental U.S. and into Canada. The study is focusing on two primary options:

1. A proposal to expand Interstate-69 southward from Indianapolis to Houston accompanied by a second-phase extension from Houston to Laredo. This Nafta Super Highway would directly link the industrial centres of Canada and the United States with the Texas Gulf Port and Mexico.

2. Designation of Interstate-35, which begins in Laredo at the Texas-Mexico border and continues north through Oklahoma, Kansas and Iowa before terminating at the Canadian-U.S. border in Duluth, Minnesota, as the NAFTA Super Highway. A northeastern spur of Interstate-35 would be constructed which would terminate in central Michigan.

Under both options, the northern terminus for the Highway will be Central Michigan. A tremendous economic opportunity exists for the border region of Lambton County, Ontario to establish itself as the entry point for the connecting link into Canada.

As the entry link into Canada for the NAFTA Super Highway, Lambton has much to offer:

The Sarnia-Lambton Council for Economic Renewal advocates the designation of Sarnia-Lambton County as the entry link into Canada for the NAFTA Super Highway.

Superb Transportation Infrastructure

Sarnia-Lambton County has the transportation infrastructure to justify its designation as the Northern Gateway to the NAFTA Super highway! Recent improvements have made our excellent system even better than before.

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