The World3 Variant

(Diplomacy is a trademark of Hasbro, Inc.) 

In addition to the adjacencies displayed on the map, the
following are also adjacent :

- PIS, NEP - CPO, NPO - CPO, NPO - NWP, NPO - BRS, Ala -

In general, this means that it is possible to go from one
side of the map to the other, and from any Northern edge
province - AOC. This is due to the fact that the map should
be drawn on a globe, with SOP and AOC at the two poles.

The following provinces contain canals : Turkey, Germany,
Scandinavia, Egypt, Central America. These provinces do not
have multiple coasts, and fleets can sail into them from one
sea, and out into another. Also, there is a waterway
between North West Territory and Quebec that allows fleets
to sail from the Labrador Sea via either of these provinces
into Hudson Bay (in the same way as fleets can sail from
Baltic to Skagerrak via Denmark or Sweden in Standard). 

All other provinces with multiple coasts can not be passed
through by fleets. They are : Monterrey, Mexico, Colombia,
British Antartica, France, Balkans, St Petersburg, Saudi
Arabia, Yakutsk. Also Quebec has two coasts - The North
Coast on Hudson Bay and Labrador Sea, and the South Coast
on the North Atlantic Ocean.

There is one impassable province on the map. The Caspian
Sea. This is not labelled on any map, or listed in the map
file on the judge.

All powers abbreviate to their initial letter. Be aware
that some countries have double-barrelled names, and all of
these use the initial of their first barrel - W for
Western-USA, F for Frozen-Antartica, etc.

Build rules are as in Standard. You may only build in home

The starting positions are :

A-Argentina                   B-Brazil                      
A Santa Cruz                  A Brasilia                    
F Buenos Aires                A Rio de Janeiro              
F Chile                       F Recife                      
C-China                       D-Downunder                   
A Beijing                     F New South Wales             
A Shanghai                    F Victoria                    
F Guangzhou                   F Western Australia           
E-Europe                      F-Frozen-Antarctica           
A Germany                     F Casey                       
F France (north coast)        F Mawson                      
F Italy                       F Vostok                      
G-Ghana                       I-India                       
A Ghana                       A Calcutta                    
A Mali                        A Delhi                       
F Guinea                      F Bombay                      
K-Kenya                       L-Libya                       
A Kenya                       A Libya                       
A Zaire                       A Northern Sudan              
F Tanzania                    F Egypt                       
N-Near-East                   P-Pacific-Russia              
A Iraq                        A East Siberia                
A Saudi Arabia                A Irkutsk                     
A Syria                       F Yakutsk (south coast)       
Q-Quebec                      R-Russia                      
A North West Territory        A Belarus                     
A Quebec                      A Moscow                      
F Newfoundland                A St Petersburg               
S-South-Africa                U-Union                       
A Namibia                     A Deep South                  
F Sanae                       A Union                       
F South Africa                F Florida                     
A California                  
A Indian Territory            
F British Columbia            
There are 86 supply centres, so you need 44 to win

Variant by             : David Norman
Coded for the Judge by : David Norman