Don's Challenger II Page

After 300 plus hrs of building, this is what a challenger II ultralight can look like.

What the wing looks like out of the box before ribs installed and covered.

After a very enjoyable flight!!

Drilling the ribs for the rivets.

Ribs installed, ready for covering.

Covered wing with rib rivets. Ready to be pop riveted.

Wings, stab & elevator treated with UV protection. Ready for painting.

Fuselage ready to cover.

Fuselage covered.

Tail section trial fitted.

Fuselage ready to paint.

Wings & tail sections out fuse in.

Everything brought home from the painters. Man is it yellow.

Instument panel ready to install.

Trim tape put on. Looking good!!

Engine installed.

Complete ready to roll out the door.

31 foot wing span . . . Doors 24 feet wide. Had to make a trolly to get the Ultralight out sideways.

Engine break in procedure being done.

These are pictures of my Challenger II and also Rick Harbarenko's. The view is from 1000 FT.

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