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Steve's Recumbent Home Page.
Welcome to the wonderful world of home built recumbent bicycles. This is a great way to get involved in the world of recumbent bikes. I have been building my projects since Oct. 1995. As with all home-built bikes of this type, much of the bicycle is made up from older conventional bikes that are cut up. If you feel handy with simple hand tools, you too can create a rideable and custom built bicycle. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, or just want more information on recumbent bikes. A new interest is being added on to this page as of May, 2004. Over the past two years, I have gotten interested collecting die cast and plastic model kits. This has been longtime interest buit I renewed it again. Please E-mail me at Steve about any of these interests
About this page

Recumbent Tandem Bicycle.

stevebike"Steve's Recumbent Bikes.A sampling of some of Steve's homebuilt recumbent bikes.


Recumbent bike and design set-up drawings.A number of drawing's showing the set-up of a general recumbent plus a featured concept design on Plan1.


Recumbent Based Articles.This page contains written articles about recumbent bike related design stories.


Scale Model/ Die Cast Section.Contains information related to the scale model car industry


Model Car Study Page.This page has been up-dated to now show various model cars, die cast, plastic model kits and scratch built types.


Recumbent Bike Links PageThis page has links to other recumbent and cycling related sites.