My Rides

While many people deam of owning the expensive sports cars like Ferrari but other then getting them in model form, having a real on is not really possible. Cars are not cheap to own. This page shows my two real rides. They are not real fancy, just your basic means of transportation.

The first of my two current vehicles is a 1993 Plymouth Voyaguar Mini Van. It was bought in 1999. The reason for getting it was to get a vehicle suitable for carrying my bikes in a far more suitable manner. While the van is very practical, it is not really a fun ride.

In 2003, I got the need for smaller vehicle that was fun to drive. I was looking getting into a 1995 Geo Metro when they first came out but bought a used 1989 Chevy Cavaliar four door sedan that same year. The Geo model I have now is a 1997 two door hatchback coupe. It is a blast to drive. It is not a fast car but it still has a very practical side to it due to the hatchback design. With the rising gas prices, a small car like this works out will for me.

Both vehicles are very reliable and I have had no major problems with either of them.

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