About this web site

This site was started with just my bikes but I have began to add other people's recumbent's as well to show that recumbent home building is wide spead. Some peoples bikes are very polished in appearance, some are rough liking. One major thing to remember is that for the most part, each bike is built to suit the riders needs, not to make a profit or conform to a mass production standard. Each recumbent shows the personality of the owner. For those who look on these bikes with indifference, just remember one thing, these people took to the time to design and build these machines while others just spent money on a ready made product without putting any effort into the building of it at all.

The Page has been up-dated to show my renewed interest in die cast and plastic automobile design. I have always liked cars as much as my bikes. The world of model car collecting allows one to own vehicles that one could not even dream of owning for real. The adult collector market is a very large one. It is much more wide spread then the recumbent bike riders. Just take a look any hobby shop or major retailers toy section. There are just as many parents buying these cars for their own personal collections as they are for there kids. With a wide range of models to pick from, one can get a good handle on the design of the car and get a good feel how they have evolved over time.

I hope that this page will either get you into a home-built recumbent or will give you a good information base to make an informed purchace of a factory built recumbent. The information on the diecast cars hopefully will help you out on you own collection. Either way, enjoy the site.

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