The Phoenix 206 SWB recumbent with its new 18 speed gearing set-up (02/14/99).

The Phoenix 206

After the first project was completed I found a number of items that I didn't like on the design. It was not suited for long distance riding as well as the Front Wheel Drive was for short commutes, I wanted a touring bike for long and more interesting rides.

In Feb. 1996, design work was started for the short wheel model. I picked this style because it was the most practical to transport in the car when I traveled out of town. This recumbent has a wheel base of 37 3/8 inches. It took about two months to complete this design. The original drive train had a dual chain drive system, but it was changed over to a simple single direct drive system. The frame was strengthened after a number of frame breaks, and it seems to be holding so far.

The new chain guide chain separater installed just ahead of the front pulley system.

Although the bike looks just about the same as before, the following changes where made on to the bikes drive-train. The bike lacked a low gear range that was needed on steeper hills so a triple chain ring was put on. Both the front and rear derailluers where changed to the long cage type and new chain was put into place. The rear gear cluster was also wore out so this was also replaced. I had a problem with the chain coming together when the front gear was set into it's smallest gear so a small separater plate was installed stop this problem. The 48/38/28 front chain ring means that I lowered the high end gearing on the bike but I was not getting into that range most of the time anyways and the lower gears will mean easier climbing ability.

Breakup Drawing

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