The Mini-Max with its new plastic mag front wheel (6/2/99).

The Mini Max in the hockey bag.

The Mini-Max

Where I live as with other areas, getting a bike on to a train can be difficult, if not impossibleto do. Therefore I designed a small, concept recumbent that can put into a hockey equipment bag so it can be carried on to a train or bus as carry-on baggage. The bike uses 12" wheels and a modified 5 speed freewheel as an intermiate gear to boost up the gear ratios to useable level. It has a wheel base of only 28 inches and a overall length of 49 inches with its crankarm extended out. This design is not a folding bike, it is a collapable bike that comes apart via attachment bolts.

The bike feels like a larger bike in some ways due to the 2.125 inch tires but on rough roads, its ultra-short wheel base shows itself. Overall, it is a very fun bike to use on short trips on bike paths and the road.

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