The Strath Cruiser

I wanted to explore the use of under-seat steering and designed long wheel base recumbent for use of this type of steering. I used the design principle of my short wheel base sport touring recumbent but used improvements that can as result the design problems that came with S.W.B. model. The wheel base is a long 73 inches and uses 26 inch rear tire and a 20 inch front tire. It was designed in May, 1998 and was completed in about 30 days.

Some small details came to light with this design. It has the turning radius of the Queen Mary so it is not suitable for tight bike paths. The low seat and high bottom bracket make for the most comfortable riding bike that I have ridden to date. There is some frame flex and this takes the edge off most bumps on the road. The simple mono tube frame makes for a easy to make frame. It is not a fast bike but it will make a century go by far more comfortable and enjoyable than on a saftey bike . The underseat steering takes all the preasure off your arms and shoulders and feels totally relaxing.

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