The Naboo CLWB Recumbent

I am one of many to like the design of the Bike-E. It has nice riding charatistics and in was the bike that started me to design the front wheel recumbent, The Hog. After building every other basic type of recumbent bike, it was time to build a CLWB type.

The idea was to build this bike at a minimum cost in materials as it is to be used as a winter bike. I had all of the frame parts from old bikes for the primary support structures but I lacked the frame tubing. After doing a job at a retail outlet were they where taking down display units, I asked if I could use some of the steel tubing and take it home. That was fine with them and the last element of the bike came to me.

Around August 4, 1998, the drawing for the final design layout was drawn. It is based on three compact long wheel base recumbents that I like. They are the Bike-E, the Doppler Beamer, and the Easy Tour EZ-1. The result is a bike with a look all its own. On August 7, 1998, the bike was built.

This recumbent has a 50.5" wheel base and the seat height is 26" off the ground. The front tire is a 16" by 1.75" ( 305mm rim size ) tire and a 20" by 1.75" ( 405mm rim size ) tire. Both rims are used and small repairs had to be done to them to straighten them out. It only has a 5 speed transmission but since it is mainly being used for a commuter bike, this is not a problem.

Up-dated report on the Naboo. Early in 1999, the bike has been up-graded to a 6-speed transmission. A 20" rear drive wheel is now an alloy type and a new chrome front wheel has replaced the recycled one. The vistalite system is now used on this bike on both the front and rear


The total cost of the bike was about $60.00 and this excludes the cost of the equipment to make the bike. The only new items that I put on it was the cables, seat cover material, front and rear tire, and paint.

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